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Why mobile apps don’t suit everyone

Why mobile apps don’t suit everyone In a recent conversation with a local authority I discovered that they had expensive problems related to damp in their social housing. Repair costs are huge, because often the tenant doesn’t report problems early enough, and litigation costs often follow due to health impacts of living in damp and…

Damp Monitoring

Damp Sensors Remotely monitor damp, air quality and humidity in your social housing stock in real-time What does it do? Our damp sensor units monitor the level of dampness in a property remotely by testing the thermal conductivity of the surface of an internal wall and sending that data over a Low Power Wide Area…

Making social housing smart

Making social housing smart   According to local authorities in the UK, there is a ‘severe’ need for more affordable housing (Association for Public Service Excellence; May 2018). While an increase in housing stock is clearly needed, with more houses to manage how can social housing providers ensure new and existing properties are maintained effectively without…

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