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Visitor App

Smart Tourism Visitor App Improve your visitor experience and put your town or city on the tourism map With most people reaching for their smartphone to find great restaurants, things to do and places to stay, having an app to guide visitors around your town or city is crucial. Our visitor app includes all the…

Smart Transport

Smart Transport Making it easier and safer to get into and around your town or city Efficient and sustainable mobility is key to the success of a smart town or city. So our smart transport solutions are designed to keep your citizens moving, make it easier and quicker for them to get around while…

How can data aggregation help ambitious local authorities?

How can data aggregation help ambitious local authorities?   Local authorities with smart ambitions should be looking to implement technology that provides communities with easier digital access to request services, source information and manage payments. Even now, data from existing public services and technology – including public transport, parking, waste collection and street lighting -…

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