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Visitor App

Smart Tourism Visitor App Improve your visitor experience and put your town or city on the tourism map With most people reaching for their smartphone to find great restaurants, things to do and places to stay, having an app to guide visitors around your town or city is crucial. Our visitor app includes all the…

Smart Tourism

Smart Tourism Improve visitor experiences and increase local economic growth Tourism is big business. More people are visiting from abroad and staycations are on the up.   There’s lots of opportunity to grow your local economy and businesses by being able to attract your fair share of visitors in a highly competitive market. Smart destination…

Augmented reality – a new vision for 21st century tourism

Augmented reality – a new vision for 21st Century tourism   Last year, tourism in England contributed £106bn to the British economy (Visit England). In light of these promising figures it’s not surprising that local councils are looking for new and innovative ways to improve the tourist experience. In recent years we have seen travel…

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