Smart Parking Management

From dynamic pricing and permit management to enforcement, analysis and dashboard reporting - we have a solution to streamline your parking management

dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing


Maximise your parking revenues by adjusting the price of parking as demand changes. With our parking sensor software occupancy levels are continuously monitored and pricing is automatically modified in real time.

By lowering the price and attracting more people when occupancy is low and charging a premium for the last few spaces when you're close to full capacity means you can maximise the revenue from your parking facility.




Permit management


With our permit app, your customers can activate their parking at the touch of a button on their smart phone. And with a fully web based portal, you can reduce admin time as the entire permit process - including applications and payments- is managed for you.



parking permit management
traffic warden

Parking enforcement


Our solution integrates with your existing enforcement software so your officers can get real-time updates on parking infringements. Data from parking bay sensors is sent directly to traffic wardens who are then empowered to take direct action.

Analytics and dashboard reporting


Manage your parking facilities the easy way with our live dashboards, historical reports and heat maps to help you understand your customers behaviours and parking trends.

Analyse and drill down into occupancy, utilisation, duration and financial data and make evidence based decisions to improve customer satisfaction, drive growth and maximise parking revenue.

analytics and dashboard reporting

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