Giosprite Privacy Statement

Giosprite Ltd (“Giosprite”; “we”; “our”; “us”) takes the responsibility of data protection seriously; we are committed to protecting the data and rights of the individuals (including citizens, customers, service users, companies and partners) we hold data on and work with, by strictly adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This privacy statement details our approach to collecting data on individuals, the types of data and information we store and provides the legal reasons for our data collection and processing. Additionally, we outline the rights of the individuals we store data on and provide contact details for Giosprite and our Data Protection Officer should the individual have any questions regarding the data held by us and our approach to handling that data.

Data Controller
Giosprite is the data controller; we are responsible for the personal data provided to and/or collected for and from the delivery of our services.
Giosprite and employees are the data processors for any data held and/or collected for and from the delivery of our services.
Individuals who have any questions or feedback can contact Giosprite by:

  • Post: Stowe Court, Stowe Street, Lichfield, WS13 6AQ
  • Phone: 01543 227700


Data Protection Officer
Giosprite has appointed a Data Protection Officer to support our ongoing compliance with GDPR and provide a point of contact for individuals regarding this policy and/or data Giosprite holds.
The Data Protection Officer can be contacted by:

  • Post: Alan Bailey, Giosprite, Stowe Court, Stowe Street, Lichfield, WS13 6AQ
  • Phone: 01543 227700
  • Email:


Data Subject
In accordance with GDPR definitions, a data subject is an ‘identifiable natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person’.

For the purpose of the delivery of Giosprite’s services and from this point forwards the term data subject used within this privacy statement refers to any customer, employee, supplier, organisation or public authority Giosprite holds data on.

Data subject rights - Under GDPR, each data subject has the following rights:

  • Right to be informed of the personal data we collect and how we it use;
  • Right to access the personal data and supplementary information we hold and process, this includes digital and paper-based information;
  • Right to rectify inaccurate personal data or completed if incomplete;
  • Right to erasure i.e. the right to have personal data we hold erased and forgotten;
  • Right to restrict processing of the personal data we store. When processing is restricted, under GDPR Giosprite is still permitted to store the data but we are not permitted to use it;
  • Right to data portability to allow you to obtain the personal data we hold and reuse it for your own purposes across different services; and,
  • Right to object to Giosprite processing the personal data we hold.


Giosprite will only process personal data that we have gained explicit consent from data subjects to do so. We seek consent from individuals accessing services directly delivered by Giosprite and those services delivered on behalf of third parties to which Giosprite is contracted to deliver - all third parties will be named where required regarding the request for consent to use personal data.

Individuals, whether citizens or companies, completing a contact form will also be asked for their consent in order to allow Giosprite to process that data for the intended purpose; without the individual's consent Giosprite will not process the data and may be unable to action some of requests received.
If the data subject is under the age of 16 year, consent may be required from an appropriate adult.

Right to withdraw consent
Under GDPR it is the data subject’s right to withdraw their consent for Giosprite and associated third parties to process their personal data. To withdraw your consent at any time please submit a written request to Giosprite or our Data Protection Officer using one of the provided addresses.

What personal data is collected
The information Giosprite collects and processes in the delivery of our services may include:

  • Name, age or date of birth
  • Contact details e.g. personal email address and phone numbers; this may also include corporate contact details where individuals are representing a company and have provided their details for commercial and marketing purposes;
  • Demographic information (e.g. postcode and ethnicity) and other information relevant to surveys and evaluation of Giosprite services;
  • Mobile device details such as MAC address or IMEI number and details of URLs visited and usage times whilst accessing Giosprite services such as public Wi-Fi services provided to third parties on a contractual basis; and,
  • Records of any correspondence you may have sent to us both electronically and paper-based. This may include previously completed surveys, feedback questionnaires and the contact form available on our website.

In our role as the employer, we will also collect information to create the employee’s employment record. This will include National Insurance number, equal opportunity data including gender, ethnicity and health information, bank information, references, qualifications and next of kin information.

Using personal data
Giosprite will only use your data once we have received and recorded formal consent from yourself as a service user or company we work with.

We will use the data to:

  • Provide access to Giosprite services including those services Giosprite is contracted to deliver via third parties and to enable Giosprite to deliver those services effectively;
  • Improve the services and products we provide;
  • Ensure content accessed via Giosprite services is safe and appropriate;
  • Provide information on the products or services you have previously used and/or have expressed an interest in; and,
  • Use employee information to enable us to perform our obligations as an employer.


Sharing personal data
Your personal data will only be shared where it is required for the delivery of Giosprite services and only once we have gained your formal consent to do so. The individuals we may be required to share your data with includes:

  • Third parties who have contracted Giosprite to deliver services on their behalf;
  • Giosprite employees managing our services - all Giosprite staff have signed a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement;
  • Statutory agencies including the Police, local authorities or the Courts relating to safeguarding risks, criminal or civil proceedings. Any information provided in these circumstances can be provided without your consent; and,
  • Our contract payroll provider and other appropriate agencies as our role as the employer.

Giosprite will not sell your information to third parties at any time and will not share or provide your information to third parties without your prior and explicit consent to do so.

As per Article 30 of the GDPR, Giosprite will maintain a record of where we have shared your information including to whom it was shared, when it was shared and when it was requested.

Retention period
Giosprite will store all personal data securely and within the UK.

Data collected on individuals from the delivery of our services will be stored for a maximum of 12 months from the last time an individual accessed our services, after this point it will be deleted.

Data pertaining to an organisation recorded on our marketing contacts list will be stored until the organisation informs us of their intention to opt-out of Giosprite processing their data to receive information from us. As per GDPR this data will be retained by Giosprite but not processed to ensure we do not send them communications.

For employees, we will retain employee data and their employment record for seven years after their employment ends. Data relating to pensions will be kept permanently.


Access to information
Data subjects are able to request access to the data held by Giosprite by submitting a Data Subject Access Request. This is to be made in writing and submitted to Giosprite’s Data Protection Officer by:

  • Post: Alan Bailey, Giosprite, Stowe Court, Stowe Street, Lichfield, WS13 6AQ
  • Email:

Information provided via a Data Subject Access Request will generally be provided free of charge, however, under the GDPR, Giosprite is permitted to charge a ‘reasonable fee’ where we deem the request to be excessive or a repetition of information previously provided.

Giosprite commits to responding to all Data Subject Access Requests by way of provision of the relevant information within one month of receipt of the request.

Where the request is deemed to be ‘complex or numerous’ Giosprite has the right to extend the period of compliance to provide the information by a further two months. If this is the case Giosprite will communicate this to the data subject making the request within one month of receipt of the initial Data Subject Access Request.

If you are not happy with our performance regarding the collection, processing and management of your personal data please contact Giosprite’s Data Protection Officer by:

  • Post: Alan Bailey, Giosprite, Stowe Court, Stowe Street, Lichfield, WS13 6AQ
  • Phone: 01543 227700
  • Email:


Following the response from the Data Protection Officer if you are still unhappy with our performance or you feel your complaint has not been responded to appropriately please contact the GDPR supervisory authority. In the UK this is the Information Commissioner’s Office who can be contacted by:


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