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What is CountiNet? 

Based on widely deployed, proven LPWAN technology, CountiNet is Giosprite's Smart City network installed free of charge and including 3 years free access to the network for all devices supplied by Giosprite*. CountiNet is a dedicated network for sole use by local authorities, enabling them to focus on, trial, pilot and roll-out at scale new smart technologies without having to worry about the network technology and cost required to support them.

CountiNet simply eliminates the barriers for connectivity to enable the roll out of smart city services to any city, town or rural area, improving and enhancing services for citizens.


Read our blog on "How a joined-up approach to technology solutions will help councils create truly smart cities" and how CountiNet can prove to be an important enabler to this process.


What is LPWAN?

With decreased power requirements, longer ranges and lower costs than traditional mobile networks, the CountiNet LPWAN enables a number of IoT applications, many of which were previously constrained by budgets and power issues.

A Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) is a type of wireless telecommunication wide area network designed to allow long range communications at a low bit rate among connected devices, such as sensors operated on a battery. 


* Third party sensors/devices between £1 - £8 per annum varying by volume of connected devices. 

**Sites for base stations to be provided by the council. 



LPWAN provides battery-efficient, wide-area connectivity, enabling more IoT applications that were previously prohibitive due to cost. The trade off is the amount of data that can be transmitted, yet it's estimated that 86% of all IoT devices use less than 3 MB of data per month.

With end-to-end Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, all local authority data is completely secure and with very low power consumption, this free network is the ideal cornerstone to start testing and and building your smart city applications on.



What's the catch?

"Smart city networks and integrated smart city applications can provide significant improvements to services, including transport, waste management and tourism. We hope that CountiNet will remove a major barrier to the adoption of smart city technologies for local authorities. With increasingly limited budgets, this network will enable council leaders to trial technologies that could deliver cost savings, without having to worry about the costs of setting up a network or maintaining it." Nick Wilcox, Giosprite Founder & CEO

Giosprite is a provider of a wide range of Smart City solutions and sensors. In return for access to the free network**, all we ask is that an Authority using CountiNet advises us of any intended uses of the network and, where we have the capability, allow us to bid alongside other providers for any LPWAN compatible IoT or Smart City project. Should an alternative supplier be chosen, Giosprite will work with that supplier to test and certify their devices to ensure interoperability with the network.


Download our brochure for an overview of the Giosprite Smart City Ecosystem.


If you'd like to find out more and understand how your authority could apply for installation of CountiNet