The hidden costs of meeting room inefficiency

Whether you love them or hate them, business meetings are a staple of office life. Run well, they can be instrumental in helping you thrash out ideas, solve problems and improve communication. But run badly, they can quickly turn into a boring, frustrating waste of time.

Nick Wilcox explains how meeting room inefficiency costs you in wasted time and lost productivity well before your meeting has even started...

Why mobile apps don't suit everyone

In a world where there's an app for just about everything, our CEO Nick Wilcox explains why this doesn't - and indeed in some instances shouldn't - be the case.

Why footfall monitoring is a step in the right direction for local authorities

With leading UK retailers scaling back their high street presence councils are bolstering local marketing activity in order to draw people back into the city centre.

But how do they know when this approach is really delivering?

Augmented reality – a new vision for 21st century tourism

With both domestic and international tourism on the up, with the potential to make huge contribution to local economies, it’s not surprising that local councils are looking for new and innovative ways to improve the tourist experience.

Why street lights could light the way for smart city planning

Faced with severe budget cuts and rising costs to deliver core services, local authorities’ ambitions to invest in smart city technology may seem a distant dream.

Making social housing smart

How can social housing providers ensure new and existing properties are maintained effectively without putting a strain on local resources and inconveniencing tenants?

How can data aggregation help ambitious local authorities?

Local authorities with smart ambitions should be looking to implement technology that provides communities with easier digital access to request services, source information and manage payments.

How smart parking keeps city event congestion at bay

How can local councils make sure that access and parking doesn’t overshadow an event and potentially damage a city’s reputation as an enjoyable place to visit?

Giosprite launches technology suite to help councils visualise a smarter future

We've launched an interactive demonstration suite, to help council leaders visualise what a fully integrated, smart city ecosystem could look like!

Smart transport workshop

Setting the wheels in motion for cities interested in smart transport solutions

Smart to Future Cities

Last year we met a lot of local authority professionals at the Smart to Future Cities Conference who were just starting out on their smart city journeys, and keen to find out more about Low Power Wide Area Networks, smart applications and capabilities.